A career is an ongoing, vital component of our satisfaction and happiness in life. As we redefine our values and goals over the years, however, our professional roles evolve.

Your career can develop over time to form a continuum of satisfying experiences that will increase your personal sense of accomplishment and well-being and enable you to realize your potential.

What will you gain from career or management coaching?

Career coaching will help you:

• Identify your signature strengths
• Hone your job search strategies and skills
• Increase your confidence
• Define your next or second career

Management coaching will help you:

• Identify areas for professional development
• Support incremental change to accomplish professional goals
• Maintain strategic focus as your professional circumstances change

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Cori Ashworth

Cori Ashworth,
M.Ed., C.A.G.S.

" You are your own best resource and your own worst enemy. Operate from belief in yourself."

–Cori Ashworth,
Career Consultant
and Management Coach

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